How does UVic approach sexualized violence?

This is the exact content found in the “How does UVic approach sexualized violence?” activity within the Pre-Arrival Program.

Graphic of an open mouth with red lips and the words: Consent. It starts with a conversation.Here at UVic, we believe that everyone has the right to live, learn, work and play in a safe and inclusive environment. This environment must be free from harm and free from sexualized violence.

Creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment doesn’t happen on its own—it’s an intentional act and a shared responsibility. Everyone on campus plays a role – including you!

In order to help create an environment free from sexualized violence, it’s important to be aware of how UVic defines sexualized violence and some of the reasons sexualized violence occurs. This involves becoming aware of the harmful attitudes and beliefs that lie at the root of sexualized violence and of how respect and consent are key to prevention.

Despite all our efforts to create an environment free from sexualized violence, we recognize that it still occurs. When it does, it’s important to know how to receive a disclosure, how to support a survivor and where you can go on campus to find support and/or make a report.

Creating an environment free of sexualized violence is important work that could be life-changing for a friend, classmate or even a complete stranger. Let’s start the work by developing a shared understanding of sexualized violence.

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