What is the UVic experience?

This is the exact content found in the “What is the UVic experience?” activity within the Pre-Arrival Program. Names and photos have been omitted from the student profiles.

Make it YOUR Experience!

Your UVic experience is about more than what happens in the classroom and what grades end up on your transcript. Getting involved on campus and in the community can help you connect to supportive communities, learn about yourself and discover what you want to do next. Getting involved can also be a lot of fun!

When you get involved during your time at UVic, you’ll answer these four big questions:

Graphic with four squares. From the left they are: red with a heart and the words 'what do you love?,' yellow with a star and the words 'what are you great at?' dark blue with a circle and the words 'what does the world need?' lighter blue with a dollar sign and the words 'what can you be paid for?' class=

Answering these questions will help you to identify your purpose and could inspire your career path.

You may not know the answers to those 4 questions right now — exploring these questions is what the next few years of your degree are for! However, keep them in mind as you get involved with clubs, course unions, community organizations, student government, research, and more.

What are other students doing?

For now, let’s take a look at what some of our current UVic students have gotten involved with on campus and how those experiences have contributed to their UVic experience (video, 2:55).

Hearing how other students at UVic are involved can give you ideas about how you might get involved. Below, you will read profiles of current UVic students.

Student Profile #1



Things I’ve been involved with:

Since coming to UVic, I have volunteered with the UVSS Food Bank and Free Store, worked with the Office of Student Life as a Mental Health Leader and been a research assistant in Brianna Turner’s Risky Behaviour Lab.

A sense of purpose and pride

I feel that being involved while completing my studies at UVic has enriched not only my UVic experience but also my life. When I came to UVic, I had moved from my hometown that was 7 hours away. This caused me to feel isolated and unimportant. Giving back to the community has given me a sense of purpose and pride. This has allowed me to build my new home here in Victoria.

It just felt natural

I have always been driven to give back to my community and I am incredibly passionate about helping others. I knew I wanted to volunteer, but I struggled with knowing where. As a frightened first-year, I went to the Clubs Day and discovered the UVSS Food Bank. This just felt natural as it was right by my residence and the coordinators were amazing and welcoming. After this experience I felt more confident to pursue other volunteer opportunities that I was passionate about.

You won’t regret it

It is truly the BEST thing you can do for yourself! You will not regret a single minute that you spend being involved on campus. You will build pride and friendships that will only enhance your time on campus!

Student Profile #2



Things I’ve been involved with:

I have been a script-writer and narrator for the U in the Ring show on CFUV as well as a student blogger with the My UVic Life blog and an orientation leader.

Paving the way for opportunities

By getting involved, I’ve been able to create connections with people I would not have met on my academic journey alone. Being able to find friends in degrees far removed from my own has added to my experience at UVic. I’ve also felt that my positions have paved the way for many opportunities outside of university. I have locked in interviews and even job opportunities because of my well-rounded academic experience.

I wanted to try it out

I first got involved with extra-curriculars at UVic through CFUV, the campus radio station. I met other volunteers at Clubs and Course Union Days and decided I’d like to try it out. Within the month I had set up training sessions at the station and was excited to pursue new opportunities with the producers.

Go all in

If I could give advice to my first-year self, I would probably encourage myself to pursue the extra-curriculars I was interested in to the full extent. Though I did begin getting involved in first year, I was always hesitant to go all in. I’d love to go back and really make a difference in each and every activity I participated in.

Student Profile #3



Things I’ve been involved with:

I’ve held a number of positions with Students Offering Support (SOS), and am currently the co-president as well as a sessional instructor. I am also a member of the UVic Powerlifting and Weightlifting Club and the University of Victoria Car Club. Additionally, I have conducted undergraduate research as a JCURA recipient and an NSERC USRA recipient.

Find people who share your passion

It has made me truly appreciate what the UVic community has to offer. There are so many ways to get involved in clubs, academics, sports, and volunteering. At UVic, if you have a particular passion or hobby you can easily find people/groups that share those same passions as you.

Discover things by accident

I got involved in many different things in many different ways. Sometimes by word-of-mouth, other times by reading things online, and yet sometimes just by discovering things by accident. There are so many different ways to get involved at UVic.

What are you waiting for?

Get involved early on. You do not need to wait until later years to get involved just because you think you will not be able to handle your course-load. Balance is the key to success, and getting involved on campus will help you balance.

Student Profile #4



Things I’ve been involved with:

I’ve completed co-op work terms as a Business Development Assistant with the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence (PISE) and as a Marketing Assistant with Used.ca. I’ve also done a work-study position as a Social Media and Engagement Intern and have previously written articles for The Martlet and Vikes Nation.

Connecting to campus

Being involved has helped me to grow a network in Victoria, professionally and personally. I’ve felt more connected to the UVic campus, and I’ve felt more at home there as a result of my involvement.

More than a resume-builder

I began to look for opportunities to get involved in first year with the intent of building my resume. I just wanted generic ‘things’ to put down, but I’ve ended up loving each experience and benefited on a personal level from every activity I’ve been involved in.

What is “cool”, anyway?

I’d tell my first-year self to not pass up on opportunities because they don’t seem “cool.”   I was obsessed with fitting in when I came to UVic, and I had a leftover mindset from high-school filled with preconceived notions about what “cool” was. If I could go back, I’d tell myself to be more open-minded and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible.

Student Profile #5



Things I’ve been involved with:

I have been involved with the BCom Pre-Core Engagement Committee and Commerce Students’ Society and volunteered as an Orientation Leader.

From uninvolved in high school to engaged in university

I went from being completely uninvolved and uninterested as a high school student to being very involved, motivated and fully engaged in university. Getting involved has made my university experience so much better because I’ve learned so much outside the classroom about myself and what I want to be. Getting involved has helped me find myself.

Taking a shot

Before I came to UVic, I found a volunteer application on a Facebook page for a business club which I thought I’d take a shot at. After enjoying that experience, I will always take a stab at applying for things and grabbing every opportunity I can get.

A word of advice

I would tell my first-year self that I did the right thing and that without being involved, I don’t know if I would be enjoying my education as much as I am. There’s endless opportunity you just have to be brave enough to put yourself out there.

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